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Double amputee completes Empire State Building Run-Up

Double amputee Maisie Catt is a taekwondo superstar

Embracing the uncharted life as an amputee – An Airman’s story of resiliency

This started as a story about an Airman fighting cancer, overcoming the odds, and returning to active duty. Unfortunately, stories about cancer are rarely so simple, and just when the finish line is in site, new challenges can present themselves.

Such is the case for Maj. Stephanie Proellochs, a Medical Service Corps (MSC) officer, who after a year of treatment and the amputation of her left foot, thought she was cancer-free in November. She was not. Her cancer had spread, and will require additional treatment. While this story had to change as a result, and the ultimate outcome is still in doubt, a few things have not changed. Proellochs’ drive to overcome her cancer, her commitment to rejoin her fellow Airmen, and her relentlessly sunny and positive attitude are all still present and stronger than ever.

Part 1

Part 2

Florida university makes technology to help people with prosthetics to play video games

A university in Orlando, FL has developed technology that allows people without hands or arms to play video games

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