STEM HUB Students Design Prosthetic Hands For Children In Need

Hand in Hand located in Buffalo , NY is a two week program, organized by WNY STEM Hub, that brings together dozens of local students to create prosthetic hands for three local kids, and two children overseas. Tuesday, the students took measurements of the children that will be getting these free prosthetics. They will take that information, and use professional designs that are free online, to come up with their initial plans. 

The students will then tailor the designs to the specific needs and wants of the little ones that will wear them. The students will use 3D printers to create rough copies of the bio-mechanical prosthesis, and the final plans will be sent to AW Miller in East Aurora, which will professionally manufacture the prosthetics.

We're told the plan is to present the finished product to the three local youngsters in October.

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