Teen born Without Forearm Turns Legos Into A Working Prosthetic Arm

David Aguilar took his childhood love of Legos and turned it into a working, robotic arm. Aguilar was born without a right forearm because of a rare genetic condition. While other kids are simply snapping bricks together any old way or working off models, he engineered his first basic arm at age 9. 

Fast forward 10 years and Aguilar is a 19-year-old bioengineering student at Universitat Internacional de Catalunya in Spain. And he's still using Legos to make a difference. 

Aguilar, who is from Andorra, a tiny principality between Spain and France, is on his fourth robotic Lego model arm, which can bend at the elbow joint with an electric motor and a grabber.

Aguilar said he's not as focused now on what others think of him as what he can do for others. He said he rarely uses his robotic arm because he's self-sufficient without it. 

He operates a YouTube channel called Hand Solo to show people that someone with a disability won't be stopped and anything can be achieved. What Aguilar would like to achieve after graduation is to create affordable prosthetics for people in need. 

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