At Ability Prosthetics We Strive To Make Our Patients Happy.

 Here’s what they have to say.

“Out of the folks we’ve seen the last couple days, Gina by far has been the most pleasant and informative.  Thanks for taking such great care of my daughter’s needs!”

“I had an appointment, but I was in the area and just walked in.  Everyone that I talked to was VERY polite and VERY friendly.  You should be proud of your staff.”


“Shauna & Shelby are great! Nobody has a bigger heart than Travis.”

“Matt is Awesome!”

“Out of the park”

“Entire experience was excellent – Gina is superb, professional and very knowledgeable”

“Awesome Crew”

“Very friendly and knowledgeable staff”

“Travis and his staff have always taken great care of everything I need and even fix problems that I can’t figure out.  They are amazing, understanding and absolutely the best in their field! I often have problems with making it to my appointments but they don’t mind one bit if I have to reschedule.  I wouldn’t even think of going to anyone else."

“The staff is very responsive to my needs”

“Gina and the staff are wonderful”

“In three visits and in observing interactions with other clients, it’s difficult to imagine a better blend of courtesy, care and professionalism.  Thank you for your kind and prompt attention”

To our patients, we thank you for making it so easy for us to do what we were meant to do! 

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