90-year-old Double Amputee Gladstone Woman Celebrates Birthday at 14,000 Feet

A Gladstone woman is showing us how to live our best life. Edna Christiansen is a double amputee, just turned 90 years old and really knows how to celebrate. Christiansen lives at Somerset Retirement Home in Gladstone. She is the type of person that just puts a smile on your face. To her age is just a number. “If you feel old you are old, I don’t feel that old but I’m 90,” Christiansen said.

She’s seen her fair share of ups and downs in her life and she will tell you she’s widowed and lost both of her legs several years ago. She’s now a double amputee, but that does not stop her.

“Your life changes in an instant. Mine did,” Christiansen said. If there is one thing you can take away from her experiences, don’t let life keep you down. “There are challenges but if you are you willing to accept them go for it,” Christiansen said. She proved that on May 11. She headed out to Pacific Northwest Skydiving in Mulino for a trip she won’t forget.

Her family not so keen on the idea. When asked what they thought she responded, “That I was nuts.” She says they got loaded into the plane and began to climb to 14,000ft, ready to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. On the ascent, she grew curious as to how high they were.

“Are we up there yet?” Christiansen said. “He says no we are only at 4,000ft. We’ve got another 10,000ft to go. I thought that was so funny, I was ready to jump.” It was a thrill of a lifetime, the exclamation point on the birthday cake. “I was enjoying the view, Christiansen said. “I really was. I mean it was stupendous.” She says they just glided through the air.

“The biggest thrill was when he raised the parachute because then you were going up and down and around,” Christiansen said.

For her it was the feel of freedom from 14,000ft, a statement to the rest of us to live your life, an adventure that will not only keep Christiansen smiling, but laughing for years to come.

“It was a thrill,” Christiansen said. “I would recommend it for anybody that is adventurous, I really would.”

For her next adventure, she said she would like to up in a hot air balloon and look around.

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