Inspirational Amputee Takes On Cycling Challenge For Local Children’s Hospice

UNE Grinstead, from Chichester, who had her leg amputated as a result of a car accident, has set herself the challenge of cycling the Caledonian Way to raise funds for Chestnut Tree House children’s hospice.

June said:

“My story began with a car accident when I was 17, and it changed my life. After years of pain and operations, June had her lower leg amputated at 33-years-old. By then, I thought I was mentally prepared for what was coming but never expected to still be left with a lifetime of pain.

“By early 2020, the pain was becoming debilitating, but due to COVID-19, I found myself at home with my daughters, Catherine and Lauren, with nothing else to do but exercise.”

June started doing just little bits with them, and eventually, she could do a bit more for a little longer.

Fast-forward to 2021, and June is challenging herself to cycle the Caledonian Canal in the Highlands – 65 miles from Fort William to Inverness over three days – to raise funds for Chestnut Tree House.

June said:

“I got a bike last summer over the lockdown. I walk well, but I cannot walk for very long, so the bike is the only other way that I can get about without a car. It lets me get out in the countryside and see the views, and I feel like part of the rest of the world. I’ve always loved Scotland, but unless I was in a car, I couldn’t see the best bits – until now!”

Taking on the challenge with her husband, Martin, and five-year-old Frenchie, Harley, June is on track to smash her target of £1,500 for Chestnut Tree House.

Speaking about why she is fundraising for her local children’s hospice, June said:

“So many children miss out on the privileges I’ve had. Many do not get to dance into the early hours as I did. Raising money for Chestnut, who give children and their families more opportunities for smiles and fun when they most need it, is the least I can do. Making memories is what I focus on now, and I love that Chestnut gives families the chance to make more too.”

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