ABILITY Prosthetics and Orthotics Own Travis Humphreys Making the Base of a Prosthetic

At ABILITY we treat all our patients with the upmost respect and always put patient care first. As part of this belief, ABILITY does not send off to have prosthetics made for their patient. Each prosthetic patient that comes goes through an interview process so Travis can design the perfect prosthetic for them.

Once a decision on style, design, and color is made Travis makes a mold of the patient's limb and creates a custom prosthetic to fit the patient. Each prosthetic is made from carbon fiberglass and a combination of epoxy, acrylic resin, and pigment for appropriate matching flesh tone OR custom art can be added. See here for a sample of the type of custom artwork Travis can do.

Next, Travis adds layer upon layer of the fiberglass for stability. The quantity of layers needed changes is based on the specific weight, activity level, and age of the patient. In the pictures below Travis used 10 layers.

After all, layers have been added Travis uses a custom designed vacuform machine to compress the layers for maximum strength and the smallest of size for the patient. Just the steps photographed below took Travis 1.5 hours. The complete creation of a custom-made prosthetic can take between 10 and 15 hours. Why does it take so long to make each prosthetic?

"I take my time to make sure it is done right"
Travis Humphreys

See below for some images and more description of the process. 

Close up of what the prosthetic looks like after going through vacuforming.

Travis mixing the pigment for the patients desired flesh tone.

Using a specially designed plastic sleeve, Travis slowly pushes the epoxy, acrylic resin mixture into the mold.

To ensure consistent coverage for maximum strength and stability Travis pushes and contours the resin around the mold.

After Travis finishes forming the mold it is left to dry and harden.

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