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Reno amputee changing lives one custom prosthetic at a time.

Local Certified Prosthetic Assistant Josh Lorimer, 42, uses his skills to customize and personalize prosthetic limbs for his patients. 

"I get excited when people want to do something fun with their leg and personalize it to them," said Lorimer. "Don't be ashamed of it, is the message I like to say to people. 

Josh and his co-worker Gina Grosjean at Ability Prosthetic in Reno enjoy helping others return to their normal selves once they receive their customized arms or legs. 

"You're giving someone their life back," says Grosjean. "You're giving them the ability to walk again but we physically make it. So, it's like a part of me goes to a part of them."

If you know someone who would like a customized prosthetic, contact Ability Prosthetics & Orthotics at (775) 333-9255 or visit them at 309 Kirman Ave. 

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