Matthew W.

Ability Prosthetics is simply amazing!  I went through four different pairs of orthotics for flat feet and the one Travis made for me is absolutely the best one yet.  The doctors/podiatrists I saw previously weren't willing to push the level of correction and what I ended up with were mediocre at best.  The carbon fiber orthotic from Ability was well made and most importantly actually corrected most of the problems in my feet.  Don't get me wrong - they took a very long time to get used to and I had my doubts but after several months it became clear that this level of correction was not only tolerable but necessary.  They will make just about any adjustments you need however I haven't actually needed to do it yet because the orthotics were made correctly in the first place.  I actually went in looking for solutions to skiing with flat feet and ended up getting excellent all purpose orthotics.

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